Audio Diaries

Kartik in Jagannatha Puri (2009)

After a quick shower, I feel the Deity of Tota Gopinatha calling me. Within seconds, I am travelling along familiar roads. I walk down the beach road, past the sand dune, and turn left into Gopinatha´s temple. As my eyes scan His beautiful form, old memories overtake my mind. Many years ago, I had spent a whole month chanting nearby at the Cataka-parvata sand dune. At that time, I was not aware that the temple was very close, but Gopinatha was aware that I was there. He repeatedly appeared in my heart and called me to His darsana. Finally, when I could not ignore His repeated calling any longer, I got up and “found” Him. From that day onwards, I was captured. Every day, I chanted before His mind-enchanting form, unable to leave before His last arati was over and the curtains were drawn for the day.



Text by Sacinandana Swami, spoken by Atula Krsna